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Let’s make this an awesome goal-reaching month! 💪😅 (at 💥 )

Downside of having long hair & getting sweaty: your hair gets plastered on your face. 😅 👎 (at 💥 )

I woke up and had gluten free blueberry pancakes and now I’m having vegan chocolate Shakeology. This healthy eating thing really has it’s perks! 😊

Are you interested in getting my meal plan? Email me or go to my fitness page! (Both located in my BIO) 👊 (at 💥 )

I’m about to bust out @chalenejohnson’s TurboFire 55 workout. Just seeing the time on the workout scares me but I know that if I want to see results and reach my goals, I HAVE to give it 100%. 💪😅 Here we go!!

What is one area of your life that would benefit if you truly worked 100% at it?
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Fresh picked blueberries & cherry tomatoes! Yum. This is my heaven. ☀️🍒🍐🍅🌽 (at 💥 )

YES! I am a Beachbody coach and I LOVE it. 💛 Changing lives through health & fitness…could it be any more fun or rewarding?! 💪😅⭐️ Comment below or email me if you think you would be interested in joining me! ***Disclaimer: You do NOT have to be at your ideal body image to coach. All you need is a passion to help others & for fitness!*** 😊 (at 💥 )

This number does NOT define you. Your personality, spirit, strength, actions and ideas are all worth so much more. You can’t put a number on your awesomeness. 😊👍💜 (at 💥 )

I 💛 farmer’s markets! (at 💥 )

How do you see results? Here’s how! 👆👆👆💪😅 (at 💥 )

Lay it on me. What’s your TOP EXCUSE that you avoid working out? #doubletap then comment below with your answer

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